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Food - 11302013 :)

I miss food. I miss cooking. I miss creating. I miss eating. I miss decorating. I miss looking. I miss reading.

I just miss exploring food :) 

Now it makes me hungry. I want to list different kinds of food to make this december :) wehehe. 

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December ♥

I’ll be missing you November! Thank you for all the memories made. ♥

Hello December! Hope we’ll have a blast! 

This is the season again to be jolly in a way the spirit of Christmas is coming. What to celebrate? It’s Jesus’ birthday! :) Thank you for coming and for always reminding us that LIFE is BEAUTIFUL, LIFE is a BLESSING and LIFE is to be enjoyed with YOU and with people whom YOU gave to us :) 

Enjoying and appreciating every moments shared :)

Have good december everyone :) Spread the LOVE. Spread the HOPE. Spread the LIGHT. Let’s all look beyond the material things we can get but to focus on the spirit of it: the spirit of GIVING with LOVE ♥ The spirit of preparing ourselves in the coming of Jesus :) 

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